Terms of Use

Orienteer is provided "as is," with all faults, and the developers of Orienteer make no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind related to this app or the instructions given by Orienteer. Orienteer does not take into account the legality or possibility of any routes to a given destination, and thus you, the user, are responsible for ensuring that you can safely and legally follow its advice. Orienteer will not warn you if your route takes you through active highways, lakes (of water, lava, or otherwise), or secretive governmental research facilities.

Privacy Policy

The developers of Orienteer do not collect any information about your use of the app. None of your searches, location data, or history is sent to or accessible to Orienteer developers at any point.

Orienteer uses the Google Places API in order to provide search results. By default, your approximate location (GPS coordinates rounded to one tenth of a degree) is sent to Google to improve search results. This can be disabled in the app's settings. Please see the Google Privacy Policy for privacy information about the Places API service.